Closing off 2015 with Onespacemedia's inspiration go-tos & digital predictions

As we're all beginning to wind down at work and get ready for epic meals and celebratory drinks, I wanted to share with you two recent post's from the Onespacemedia blog. The whole team has pitched in to give some insight into what are our go-to places for design inspiration and keeping up with the industry trends, as well as what we think the biggest trends are going to be for 2016.

 Hope you'll enjoy the reads and Happy Xmas!

I tend to use a mixture of Twitter lists and blogs to stay up to date with things. My Twitter lists allow me to quickly skim through what’s getting the design community talking. It’s very immediate so extremely powerful as a news resource.

My go-to blogs are:

The Collective on Codrops
I like how their weekly issues always manage to cover things that have gone under my radar. They are great at featuring little hidden gems of content and they have a lot of variety, from opinion pieces to freebies and tutorials.

A List Apart
A List Apart is full of truly insightful pieces that are very in-depth, albeit a bit technical. It covers design, development, and the meaning of web content, focussing on web standards and best practices. A great companion for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This is a much lighter read, more tutorial and design resource oriented. It’s a great way to expand your skillset - just pick a tutorial about some new design technique/trend and getting your hands dirty!
— Chiara Mensa, Designer
Prediction #1 – Enhanced rich media
In terms of web design I believe we will see bolder, brighter, more vibrant colours used instead of the more safe and tested palettes of flat design that we’ve grown so comfortable with. It may be a slow takeover at first, limited to hover effects and primary hero areas/call to actions, but it will progressively expand to inform the whole design. On top of this I think it’s safe to say that HD hero imagery/background videos will have to share the spotlight with a slow but steady increase of carefully crafted illustrations and attention–grabbing cinemagraphs.

Prediction #2 – Workflow overhaul
Finally, a bonus prediction: I think that there’s a lot of truth in what people have been saying lately regarding an imminent change in the workflow of digital designers. The design process will move from the conventional artboard of industry standard softwares to the space within the browser window in order to focus on interactions instead of layout and elevate team collaborative design to an unprecedented level. Just look at Figma ( and its bold tag line: “Design, meet the internet. Finally you can do design work online, the way it should have been all along.”
— Chiara Mensa, Designer