Chiara Mensa in numbers

Born and raised in Italy, I spent the first few chapters of my life with a pencil in my hand compulsively drawing my Japanese anime heroes under the watchful eyes of my childhood dogs. When I lifted my head from the drawing paper I would enjoy the outdoors, movies and volleyball – all of it accompanied by music constantly playing in the background as silence was never my thing.

This was followed by a few years spent as a high school nerd, a temporary relocation to the USA and many attempts at figuring out who I wanted to be when I grew up. After earning a Master's Hons Degree in Architecture from Sapienza University of Rome, I found my answer: I realised my true passion lay within the field of visual arts and I therefore went on to pursue a career as a graphic and digital designer in the UK. This is how I got the opportunity to work at Onespacemedia, a top-five UK web design agency based in Cambridge and London.

With over 5 years industry experience, my track record includes branding, web and interface design as well as print and apparel design. Also I’m quite comfortable with 3D modelling and basic HTML/CSS.

You can find me nowadays working on amazing digital products and user experiences at Doghouse



You have to ask the right questions if you wish to come up with the correct answer to a problem. Whether it’s a digital or print project, I always take the time to understand the client’s mission, market and competition. I’m experienced in conducting research rounds consisting of goals definition, market analysis and moodboard creation. This process is what I use as the basis to build a solid design concept.


digital design

I deliver carefully planned website designs to ensure user engagement and maximise conversions. I use a combination of usability theory, design principles and practical experience across a variety of sectors to create modern and functional page layouts, enhanced by sleek bespoke icons and illustrations. I also have experience in designing interfaces for web apps.


Print design

I’m well-versed in designing a wide range of business communication material - including annual reports, infographics, newsletters, magazines, product brochures and marketing collateral. Using balanced layouts and refined typography, I create crisp print design which effectively delivers the client message or helps promote their products.


user experience

“If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work” said Susan Dray. Enhancing user satisfaction by improving usability and accessibility is the key principle behind the success of a product. I have a good working knowledge of the UX principles needed to correctly plan, develop and deliver web and digital designs. 



I have a solid track record in creating polished and smart brand design across a variety of sectors. Through a collaborative and iterative process with the client, I am able to identify a strong concept and evolve it into a refined logo which resonates with the target audience and communicates the company’s identity and values in an effective way.



A picture is worth a thousand words. I have produced a variety of modern and crisp illustrations to be featured in a wide range of digital and print products. Before I put pen to paper, I always take the time to understand the story that is being told and the tone of voice required in order to identify the optimal visual style to bring it to life and make it resonate.